Children Playing in the Street (Detail)
A Child Near a Wall (Detail)
A Rooster (Detail)
Little King (Detail)
Byzantine Figure (Detail)
A Cat (Detail)
The Prophet (Detail)
A Child (Detail)
A King (Detail)
Lost In Space (Detail)

Polyester Works

Why Polyester

When I was in Tajikistan at the time of the 2nd World War I studied at school about an artist of the Byzantine style named Andrei Rublev, who drew his icons on heavy wood. Later, when I visited Moscow, I saw his originals at the "Tretyakov" Museum and I was very impressed by his composition and especially from the way he became an artist in addition to his being an artisan. The process of preparing the wood was long and demanded patience and time. This is why these icons look as if they have been done these days. This technology was not known to me so I looked for a modern solution that suits my artistic needs. I found polyester, which I knew from my work as a stage designer, to be the best. It is a durable, clear and can absorb metallic powders as copper, silver, gold and bronze to create different effects. I also allows fixing "ready made" materials like nuts, metal disks and Corrugated cardboard.

The topics of Roublov's paintings are religious, mine are up to date. The Space, for instance which influenced me a lot as a result of the space competition between Russia and the USA at that time.

My Polyester work was well demonstrated in the caricature made by Ze'ev, my fellow artist.